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Bloodworks EP

Music by Phoria
Produced and Mastered* by Trewin Howard
Released by Akira Records
Artwork by Jessica Truscott & Daniel Finnerty
Design by Drew Lorimer
Eskimo Music Management

*Except Red - Mastered by Alan Witts

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Bloodworks CD


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Bloodworks Book

Designed by Drew Lorimer, the Bloodworks Book features an exclusive music manuscript of bonus song 'Robin's Cello'.

A special Phoria Drop Card comes with the book, providing the download of quality mp3 files of all the tracks on the Bloodworks EP, along with membership to the website which presents more information about Phoria.

Stocks are very limited so be sure to get this unique collector's item!

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Bloodworks Book

Bloodworks EP and Book

A fantasic package containing the Bloodworks EP, Book and mp3 Drop Card for a great price!

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Bloodworks Package

Bloodworks T Shirt

Available in four sizes - Small, Medium, Large and XL

This striking Stedman classic T Shirt has been designed for ladies and gents.

100% cotton.

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Bloodworks T Shirt, S
Bloodworks T Shirt, M
Bloodworks T Shirt, L
Bloodworks T Shirt, XL
Yourself Still EP

Music by Phoria
Produced by Dan Lucas
Recorded at Anchor Bay Studios
Mastered by Oliver Craggs
Illustration by Michael Beard
Eskimo Music Management


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