Clash welcomes Phoria back!

Clash Interview

June 2018

Phoria enfolds 405 in their contemplative dreamscapes

405 Interview

June 2018

BBQ, concussions, and showcases: Phoria's SXSW 2017 Photo Diary

Phoria SXSW

It seems Phoria had a pretty great time at this year's SXSW. 405 has posted a cool report from the band which is a must-read.

Enjoy Phoria's SXSW Photo Diary here.

March 2017

Phoria to play SXSW

Phoria at SXSW

March 2017

Phoria to tour the US in 2017

Here is an exciting report from the British Phonograph Industry:

Phoria (X Novo Records) – Brighton-based alt rock band who stand out with their “visually evocative soundscapes”. Fronted by composer Trewin Howard, the 5-piece released their debut LP Volition in June 2016. Planned activity: Support a US tour of key cities to build the band’s fan-base and promote Volition LP. Build sync and publishing partnerships in North America, and release EP to engage fans.

Phoria said: “We are very excited that Phoria has been awarded the prestigious MEGS funding by the BPI. This funding supports labels and artists to export their music abroad.

In this instance we are pleased to say that we will be heading to the USA in 2017! Enormous thanks to the BPI we are very grateful to them for their support.”

January 2017

Win London ICA Show Tickets!

Want to win tickets to our London ICA show? Head on over to Communion Music or The Radio X website it might be your lucky day.

Competition Closes September 15th!

September 2016

Volition Review in Q Magazine

May 2016


Phoria have released details of their first studio album which will be released on 3rd June 2016. The album is called 'Volition' and will be available on digital download and 12" vinyl. The track listing is:

1. Melatonin
2. Red
3. Everything Beta
4. Mass
5. By The Salt
6. Loss
7. Evolve
8. Undone
9. Emanate
10. Saving Us A Riot
11. Yourself Still

Two tracks from the album are currently being streamed. 'Melatonin' on Soundcloud and 'Saving Us A Riot' on Hilldilly. Go to the Audio page to hear them both!

February 2016

Spotify News

The kind people at Spotify have put our new single 'Saving Us A Riot' at the top of their 'Most Beautiful Songs In The World' playlist.

We have no words.

Phoria Facebook
February 2016

25 Years of Phoria Music Plays!

We just received the crazy news that 25 years worth of our music has been played on Spotify this year! It really puts in perspective what an amazing journey the last 12 months has been...

A huge thank you to all you lovely Phorites for your endless support and kindness, you really are a good bunch.

Phoria Facebook
December 2015

Phoria #5 in the Hypem Charts

10k followers on Facebook and #5 Hypem Chart position! We're going to celebrate by inviting you all to the most exciting show we've played yet!

In association with Mahogany and in collaboration with LCV Choir, we will be performing with 100 voices and a 12 piece string section - Friday 27th November at St.John at Hackney, London.

Get your early bird tickets here!

Phoria Facebook
November 2015

PRS Award for Phoria

and the PRShave been awarded ‪‎Momentum‬ funding by PRS for Music Foundation and Arts Council England. This provides additional funding for the recording, mixing and release their debut album.

are naturally delighted and offer their thanks to Momentum and their team who have worked hard to make this happen.

More information here

April 2015